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Our award-winning, AI-powered, personalized learning software is enabling exam candidates to study for—and pass—the CMA Exam faster and more effectively than ever before. We customize all of our study programs from end to end to fit your unique needs, homing in on your weaker areas of comprehension, and let you know when you’re ready to pass.

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A.S.A.P.® Technology

Our adaptive learning software generates a study plan that’s 100% customized to you, based on your unique knowledge gaps. Plus, a real-time algorithm optimizes along the way, ensuring you’re staying on your fastest path to success.


ReadySCORE estimates what you’d score on the actual CMA Exam if you were to sit that day, taking the guesswork out of exam readiness. Your ReadySCORE is shown throughout your studies, so you can see your progress, and indicates when you’re exam-ready.

Detailed Performance Reports

With Surgent, you’ll have comprehensive reporting at your fingertips, detailing your proficiency in each topic and question type, our estimate of our long it will take you to get exam-ready, and much more!

Superior Study Materials

A.S.A.P. Technology will guide you to the specific study materials you need at the right time for you, based on your customized study plan. Study from our 3,945+ multiple choice questions, 65+ essay problems, and 60+ bite-sized video lectures.

Free Content Updates

Thanks to our free content updates, you won’t have to worry about making sure your material is up-to-date. Not only is our course fully updated for the 2020 CMA Exam changes, but we provide all content updates automatically, and at no charge.

Pass or Money-Back Guarantee

We stand behind our course 100%. In fact, we’re so confident our approach works, we offer a CMA Exam Pass Guarantee.

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The industry’s first exam-readiness measure.
The industry’s first exam-readiness measure.

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  • Tom W.

    Postgraduate Techinical Assistant, Governmental Accounting Standards Board

    My CMA review process has been great so far. I recommend Surgent to any professional who wants to be fully prepared to pass their exam!

  • Hitesh A.

    Business Finance Specialist

    I have loved the course format and study pattern. It helped me a lot to get motivated by solving the questions and to learn new concepts with the review notes with every question. Having studied from another study material, I highly recommend to go with Surgent to ensure clarity on fundamental concepts.

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