Financial Accounting Principles

Financial Accounting Course Description
Accounting is “the language of business” and serves as the foundation for success in many career paths. Whether you are preparing for a career where analyzing financial statements will be the norm, looking to enter a graduate business program or you want to get a promotion, financial accounting principles are essential to give you the knowledge you need to excel in the next phase of your career. The Financial Accounting Principles course delivered through the AME Engage™ platform is a self-paced course featuring the Accounting Map™ interactive tutorials, designed to give future students and professionals of all levels the foundational financial accounting knowledge to analyze a company’s potential or prepare their financial statements. This course will cover a range of topics from the accounting cycle to determining profit or loss to understanding financial statements and evaluating a business’ health and viability. Course Objectives of Financial Accounting:
  • • Accounting rules and standards
  • • The Accounting Cycle: Journals and Ledgers, Adjusting Entries, Preparing Statements and Closing Entries Inventory: Perpetual and Periodic Systems
  • • Cash and Internal Controls, Receivables, Non-current Assets, Current Liabilities
  • • Accounting for Partnerships
  • • Accounting for Corporations: stocks and dividends
  • • Long-Term Liabilities
  • • Investments
  • • Statements of Cash Flows
  • • Financial Statements Analysis: ratios, liquidity, profitability and operation management
Who Should Take This Course?
Students and professionals of all levels – from entry-level staff to executive leadership — who seek to gain a foundational knowledge of financial accounting concepts.

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Standards of Accounting The Accounting Cycle Regulatory Standards Accounting Journal Entries Analysis of Financial Data
About AME Engage™ by AME Learning™

AME Learning™ is a cloud course provider for fundamental accounting and financial literacy. The AME Engage™ learning environment contextualizes the study of accounting in a practical online learning environment featuring the patented Accounting Map™ interactive tutorials. These multi-sensory tutorials guide learners through the key accounting concepts in progressive learning modules and help users to easily understand abstract accounting concepts in an interactive user experience.

AME Engage courses support everyone looking to enhance their understanding of accounting and the financial world, including students, people starting their own businesses, employees preparing for their first management roles and people looking for new jobs or retraining in mid-career.