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We’ve partnered with Paradigm to offer the Benchmark Series: Microsoft Office 365 program, delivered through best-in-class learning environment, Cirrus. Designed to be a hands-on learning experience with step-by-step guided instruction, its comprehensive tutorials and videos walk through each lesson and help learners put to use the concepts covered in each unit. Develop Career Skills in Microsoft Office The Benchmark Series allows individuals to gain the foundational Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint skills they need to succeed in their chosen careers, with the convenience of flexible learning and timing. All coursework is completed online and can be accessed from a PC, Mac, or Chromebook. With Microsoft Office being the pervasive professional tool across industries, Excel allows professionals to work on data efficiently, while Word and PowerPoint allow professionals to communicate and present important information.
Who Should Take This Course?
College/University Students, Recent Graduates, and Professionals seeking a baseline skillset and introduction to Microsoft Office Products: Excel, Word, and PowerPoint

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Level: Beginner


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Advance Preparation

Students must have a Microsoft Office 365 License. View System Requirements here

Resume Skills
Microsoft Office Suite Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft PowerPoint

On-Demand Modules Featured in this Course

Benchmark Series: Microsoft® Word 365
The Benchmark Series: Microsoft Word 365 is designed for individuals who want to learn how to use the powerful word processing program to create professional looking documents for work and personal communication needs. Level 1 offers instruction on preparing, formatting, enhancing, and customizing documents. Learners who complete Level 2 of this course can expect to gain proficiency in using standard formatting and editing features, creating specialized tables and indexes, managing building blocks and fields, and preparing documents for sharing and collaboration. Learners who complete Level 3 of this course can expect to gain proficiency in managing merge options and macros, creating specialized tables and indexes, using outline view, integrating external data, and sharing documents.
Learning Objectives:
Be able to:
  • Create and edit memos, letters, flyers, announcements and reports of varying complexity
  • Apply appropriate formatting elements and styles to a range of document types
  • Add graphics and other visual elements to enhance written communication
  • Plan, research, write, revise, design, and publish documents to meet specific information needs
  • Given a workplace scenario requiring a written solution, assess the communication purpose and then prepare materials that achieve the goal efficiently and effectively
Benchmark Series: Microsoft® Excel 365
The Benchmark Series: Microsoft Office 365 teaches how to use Microsoft’s powerful spreadsheet program to manage and analyze data. Beginning in Level 1, learners will be introduced to Excel’s basic functionality and will practice using Excel to manipulate numerical data in a variety of workplace scenarios and will design and prepare worksheets and workbooks to meet specific needs. Learners who complete Level 2, will gain proficiency in using advanced formatting techniques as well as advanced functions and formulas; working with tables and data features; using data analysis features; and managing and integrating data in a variety of ways in the Excel environment.
Learning Objectives:
Be able to:
  • Create and edit spreadsheets and worksheets of varying complexity
  • Format cells, columns, rows, and entire workbooks in a uniform, attractive style
  • Analyze numerical data and project outcomes to make informed decisions
  • Plan, research, create, revise, and publish worksheets and workbooks to meet specific needs
  • Given a workplace scenario requiring a numbers-based solution, assess the information requirements and then prepare the materials that achieve the goal efficiently and effectively
Benchmark Series: Microsoft® PowerPoint 365
Using Benchmark Series: Microsoft PowerPoint 365, learners and professionals can build mastery skills in the presentation software. They will become proficient using PowerPoint to organize, analyze, and present eye-catching presentations that inform and motivate audiences.Through Benchmark's multi-part projects and hierarchy of assessments, learners are required to think critically and independently to execute strategies they would implement in today's workplace.
Learning Objectives:
Be able to:
  • Prepare a new PowerPoint presentation and modify an existing presentation
  • Properly format slides
  • Create and insert pictures, tables, charts, photos, and other external elements directly into the PowerPoint presentation
  • Use Slide Masters and Action Buttons
  • Develop custom slide shows that include animations, timed transitions, and other presentation transition techniques
Full program Course

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About Cirrus by Paradigm

Powered by Paradigm, Cirrus™ is the next-generation solution for developing students’ skills in Microsoft Office, computer concepts, health careers, accounting, and career readiness. Cirrus seamlessly delivers complete course content in a cloud-based learning environment that puts students on the fast-track to success on the first day of class and beyond.

Rising above status quo training and assessment platforms, Cirrus delivers a personalized digital learning experience, providing a suite of tools to help students develop skills mastery.

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