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Get to grips with fraud detection with the Red Flag Mania: All Access. You’ll be the first to get your hands on new true-crime stories and the investigative games that challenge you to uncover red flags and identify risk. Plus, you'll get access to exclusive bonus content, like new games and additional evidence. When you purchase a subscription, you never need to worry about finding the content to perfect your skills. Training and professional development can be tedious and boring - especially when it comes to deepening your understanding of complex topics such as fraud detection and auditing. You want to do more than just read about past frauds or how to prevent future frauds. You want to know if you could find fraud at your company or for your client. Surgent has partnered with Red Flag Mania to offer that hands-on experience. We’ve created a unique, gamified learning experience that empowers professionals and students like you to identify fraud red flags by doing more than just reading about them. You’re placed in the center of a real-life situation and are tasked with hunting for clues to solve the case. We provide the clues and evidence - you identify the fraud and the culprit. Fraud detection expertise is enough to drive your resume to the top of the pile for many hiring managers, so developing and fine-tuning your fraud detection skills is integral to succeeding in your career and saving your clients or company before it’s too late. Not ready to subscribe? Buy season one individually here! All subscription purchases auto-renew next year. You may opt out at any time after the initial purchase. See more information here
Who Should Take This Course?
Entry-level and early-career accounting professionals will benefit from this learning experience - but so will lovers of puzzles, and people who are just sick of boring professional development!
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Auditing Critical Thinking Problem Solving Fraud Detection
About Red Flag Mania

Red Flag Mania is a game-based investigative experience that uses true crime stories to teach postsecondary learners concepts of active learning, critical thinking, problem-solving and ethical decision making in business and accounting courses.

Developed by esteemed professor, film-maker and CPA, Dr. Kelly Richmond Pope, the company’s simulation-based, immersive learning approach incorporates real people and real stories that result in a positive learning outcome.